For those just getting started, if you're coming back from an injury or if you really want to take your fitness goals by the horns our 1:1 personal training plan is for you.

You'll be working with your own exclusive personal trainer at our studio in the centre of Ilkley, starting with a full diagnostic consultation to give you chance to really focus on what matters to you. Your new personal trainer will build a full 30-day meal plan with our nutrition education help built in, along with assessments and coaching calls every 8 weeks.

Working 1:1, Personal Training is best suited for those needing injury rehabilitation, as a introductory membership for extreme beginners, or a good choice for really specific goals.

Added benefits;

  • A full Diagnostic Consultation
  • Nutrition Education
  • A 30 day meal plan
  • Use of Heart Rate Technology
  • Re-assessment every 8 weeks
  • A Coaching Call every 8 weeks
  • Water, towel, and a protein smoothie each workout
  • 1:1 Exercise Tuition
  • 1:1 Nutrition Coaching


28-Day Foundation Membership

Would you like to apply for our 28-day Foundation Membership? We are offering you the chance to join us for 28 days to kickstart your fitness. To apply, please click below to enter your details and we will be in touch ASAP!