Our most popular programme is Small Group Personal Training, where you train in small groups of up to 6. This format allows your coach to fully interact with you, giving you the individual attention required to ensure you achieve your own specific goals. Our clients agree with us that working in a small group is far more motivating and fun than training alone. Having a familiar group to meet and train with makes every session something to look forward to, provides camaraderie and drives friendly banter and light hearted but helpful competition to push you further.

Mobility, flexibility, core, strength, and cardio are included in every session for a balanced approach to your training.

Added benefits;

  • A full Diagnostic Consultation
  • Nutrition Education
  • A 30 day meal plan
  • Use of Heart Rate Technology
  • Re-assessment every 8 weeks
  • Coaching call every 8 weeks
  • Water, towel, and a protein smoothie each workout

28-Day Foundation Membership

Would you like to apply for our 28-day Foundation Membership? We are offering you the chance to join us for 28 days to kickstart your fitness. To apply, please click below to enter your details and we will be in touch ASAP!