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Owen, 53, Member

In February 2015 I was 16 stone and very unfit. Occasional spinning classes and some cycling passed for exercise but with no structure or goals I was not getting any fitter or losing weight.

A conversation with Richard persuaded me to try one to one personal training, somthing I would never have previously considered.

Since then I have been attending regular personal training sessions at Dillons and alongside a change of diet I have seen some great results.

In the past 12 months I have lost 3 stone and I am fitter than I have been for many years.

The introduction of heart rate training has taken things to a different level and the new studio in the centre of Ilkley is a great place to work out.

The sessions are always challenging and every one is different.

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Sallie, 44, Member

I came to Dillons as a stop gap when an injury prevented me from running. But what was initially a temporary solution has totally changed the way I think about fitness. I love the sessions, you’re constantly being challenged but there is enough variety and support you don’t lose motivation. I find the Heart Rate system a really useful tool, there’s no hiding place, you can see if you’re putting the effort in but it’s not a competition. It’s a fun friendly environment and everyone is at their own level.

I can already see real differences in my fitness, strength and flexibility, but most importantly for me I always know that I’m working out in a safe considered way. Richard, Michael & Luke are committed to adjusting the programmes to individual needs and make sure you do exercises correctly so you don’t exacerbate old injuries or pick up new ones. They also know how to keep you going when you want to collapse in a heap. In short it has all the advantages of having your own personal trainer but with the fun of working out in a group.

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Elaine, 57, Member

I’ve been a member of Dillon’s Premium Fitness for several years, almost since it first opened on Railway Road. Before joining I’d never been to a gym before - ever - so I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect. I needn’t have worried as, after assessing my fitness levels, Richard devised a 1-1 Personal Training programme that was tailored to my abilities, met my goals and was fun to do.

When Richard and Gail chose to relocate to their town centre fitness studio at The Grove Promenade things only got better. There aren’t any fitness fashion fads, but rather a fitness programme based on traditional exercises delivered according to the latest scientific studies and proven to work. Dillon's Premium Fitness studio is well-equiped, spacious and modern with air-conditioning and excellent showering and changing facilities.

The Small Group Personal Training numbers are limited to a maximum of 6. The coaches can easily check that we’re all doing the exercises properly and safely and we all work to our own level. It feels a lot more personal than other larger classes I have been to. The sessions are fun and varied but also challenging with friendly, encouraging coaches, and the extra dynamic of training with others motivates me to work harder than on my own.

One of the best things about Dillons is the Heart Rate Monitor that tracks our effort, calories being used, and heart rate.  It’s a great motivator and you can check your results and monitor your progress on the app where you can choose to share your results with other members of Dillon’s, or not!

I love the central location making parking easy, and it is just over the road from my business so I have no excuses!

Chris, 28, Member

’After losing 9 stone 3 years ago the last 6 months had become a battle due to injuries, lack of motivation and lack of support from my current gym. This resulted in me gaining 3.5 stone when Richard weighed me at my initial consultation before joining Dillons.

The reason for joining was simple, I needed to find support and structure to help me regain my focus and achieve my goals, something that wasn’t going to happen in my current environment. In the initial consultation Richard went through a range of measurements from weight to flexibility allowing me to compare month on month to see if the classes put in place by Dillions really worked. I happy to say in my first month I achieved and surpassed my goals losing 17lbs, a very rewarding feeling.

A big part of why the structure at Dillons works for me is the way they monitor each exercise you complete through a heart rate monitor which relays to a large screen in the gym showing you how hard you’re working…no short cuts! The heat rate monitor also talks to an app, which records every workout and provides you with your workout stats and compares you to all the other gym members on a leaderboard.

Dillons is not your usual gym, it's approach is not about increasing memberships and forgetting names but helping people achieve and then maintain while retaining a family run business feeling to it.

If you want to work hard and be rewarded then this is the place for you.’'

LYNNE, 50, Member

" I absolutely love Dillons Premium Fitness...I haven't worked out so hard or sweated so much since I was a teenager doing circuit training! This is just what I needed.
The gym fit-out is just right- there are no screaming primary colours here, just cool greys and a few choice pieces of scandi-design furniture to clear your mind and get you in the mood for work.
I can't put in the effort if I've no faith in the trainer but Richard, Michael & Luke create a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere at every session. I look forward to seeing them and I trust what they tell me.
The bottom line is the results: when you've paid the money and put in the effort that's what you want in return and I'm happy to say that I'm slimmer, stronger and fitter than I was when I started and I'm looking forward to more of the same."

Lizzie, 49, Member

“I decided that I had a year and a few months to get my body in shape before I turned 50. I had done some Body Pump classes with Richard and Gail at their old premises a few years before but never sustained it, but somehow had remained on Dillon’s email list. When I heard about their move to different premises and a new style of training and results, I got back in touch and here I am, 3 months later. I signed up for the Small Group Personal Training for three sessions a week, expensive I know, but having paid for unused gym memberships and blocks of classes in the past that I never sustained or used, I decided this could be for me. The first few weeks were tough, I went from doing nothing to 3 intensive sessions a week and my body and mind struggled to adjust to the new new routine. Three months’ on now and the training has become a natural part of my life and routine. Michael & Richard's guidance and encouragement has been invaluable, ensuring each exercise technique and posture has been perfected before advancing me to the next level. I so enjoy the friendly and sociable nature of each session; everyone works to their own ability with no pressure but training together somehow gives you that extra incentive to push yourself that little bit further! I feel myself getting fitter and stronger and can see (and feel!) muscle and tone that I’ve never had before! I am delighted with the whole programme, the guidance and support of the whole team, and the new training friends I have made....and finally, the results I am now seeing and feeling!!”

Rachel 52, Member

When I started at ‘dillons’ in 2014, there were many exercises I couldn’t do because I was so unfit. ‘Burpees’ and any kind of running or jumping were not in any way a part of my normal week! I generally blamed this inability to bend or do anything energetic on my increasing years! The team at ‘dillons’ created a programme for me based on what I needed and pushed/encouraged me to try things as well as persevere at times when I probably would normally have given up.

When I joined, I signed up for 1 session a week for six weeks thinking that I would get into some good habits, lose a few pounds and then go it alone, however, nearly 4 years down the line, I am still going and have made time to go three times a week!

Now with the new activity belt training, I can also follow my own progress and see how many calories I’m burning during the workouts. The programme also gives me points for effort based on my age and weight. It’s great to beat some of the younger, fitter members! The programmes run for around six weeks and get increasingly difficult. Although everyone is very serious about getting fitter and/or losing weight, the ‘dillons’ team and members are all really friendly and we enjoy working hard together.

I can see I am much fitter – I have much more energy for doing all the other things I want to do – I have also gone down a size in my clothes!! (I even don’t feel quite so bad squeezing myself into the obligatory neon Lycra!)

I would recommend you give it a try – who knows what it could do for you.

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